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Can metal be put over an existing roof?
Yes, by stripping with 1x4 or 2x4 boards.


Is a metal roof cost effective compared to other types of roofs?
Metal roofs cost somewhat more than a 20 year shingle roof, but metal roofs have many benefits over shingle roofs.


Can you hear the rain through a metal roof?
No, the sound barrier is the same as a shingle roof.


Do metal roofs rust?
No, silicone polyester paint with galvanized substrate protects the panels.


Does it damage a metal roof to walk on it?
No, but you should walk with precaution.


What is the resistance to wind damage?
Wind warranties can be as high as 140 MPH on many styles of metal roofing.


Will a metal roof make my house hot?
No, you can actually save money with a metal roof. The painted metal has an energy star rating. Metal roofs reflect solar light, where as shingles absorb.


Does a metal roof attract lightning?

No, a steel roof has no greater chance of lightning hitting it than any other type of roofing material.


Does the color of metal fade?
Overtime you might see a slight change in color due to the setting of airborne contamination, but washing the roof occasionally with water will keep the roof looking new.


Is a metal roof considered fire safe?
Yes, a steel roof is the most fire safe.


Does hail damage a metal roof?
Metal roofs are highly resistant to hail damage, much more than shingle roofs. The metal has 80k tensile strength, where as cars are at 30K tensile.


How do you compare the weight of a metal roof to other types of roofing?
Metal roofs are much lighter than other types of roofs.

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