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From commercial and residential contractors to the do-it-yourself craftsman, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and support.

Here's an example:


"I am sending this letter to thank you for the outstanding customer service I received from your company. I have had two separate occasions to do business with your company, and both were excellent.


The first was about 8 months ago, when I had a metal roofing system installed on my house and detached garage. Mr. Kane Shavers and his crew not only met my expectations, but exceeded them in every way. They displayed a courteous, well knowledge, professional attitude that is hard to find. I asked many questions because this was something I didn't have any experience in, other than my own research.


They always took the time to answer, and explain all of my questions. Making sure the job was absolutely correct, to walking around and cleaning up even the smallest debris every day, showed me that they paid attention to the smallest details. This insured me that this was a quality job being completed, as if it was one of their own houses. A job well done to the entire crew!


The second occasion was last week. I decided to take on the project of roofing a gazebo, and a bar roof myself. I had my measurements, and came into your shop. I met with Jennifer and we went over everything I needed. When I had questions that required further assistance, Rodney was called upon, and I got the answers I needed. Both were very helpful and had extensive product familiarity. They were very friendly, and took the time required to insure I had the resources for this "do it yourself" project. They also provided assistance with some nontraditional uses, such as a waterfall. Again, a job well done!


My career is in aviation. My job requires a high standard, and high quality, and that you stand behind your work. I enjoy doing home improvements, and "do it yourself" projects. I try to maintain this discipline on my own projects. Also, like everyone, I look for value in my purchases. You met and exceeded all my expectations. My future projects include a horse barn/ windmill, and storage building. I will be a returning customer, and look forward to doing further business with you.


Enclosed are some photos. I have a lot of pride sharing them as should you. Thank you, and again, a job well done!"

David Ord Byers, Griffin, GA

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